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Should I Buy Prescription Glasses Online?


If you have ever ordered products online, you obviously know that the Internet often beats a regular store without a doubt for convenience. You never have to leave the house or even change your clothes! With a few clicks of your mouse, you have the whole world of shopping at your fingertips!
However, you need to consider every part of purchasing eyeglasses online. Every pair of glasses is custom made to you personally. Your glasses are measured to your prescription and to the shape of your face.
Shopping online might leave many openings for problems when it comes to your eyewear:
-You may know the size of your glasses, but every frame is different. Trying them on in the office is the best way to make sure that the glasses of your choice fit correctly.

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Opticians inside the office take a measurement of the distance between your pupils. This is to determine how to place the lenses in your frame. The PD is a part of the purchase of eyeglasses when you purchase eyeglasses, not a measurement during your eye exam.

The glasses you purchased don’t fit!

Many times you may find glasses online that you have fallen in love with and then you get them in the mail and they are too tight or they just don’t look right on your face.

Your prescription is wrong

Bifocals and progressive lenses present additional challenges. Fitting multi-focal lenses is a tricky process because an additional prescription power is added to the lens, and extra measurements must be taken.

 Horrible quality

Most glasses that are bought online are made poorly. The frames are not tight enough or they start to chip away. Most of the lenses are not high quality and scratch easy or are completely made wrong and not how you want them to be.

Tough to get a replacement, or for any office to work with your new pair of glasses.

Opticians are liable for breakage and anything else that may happen while fixing your previously purchased glasses. At our office, we will make you sign a frame warranty just in case something does happen in the process of fixing these glasses that now you have to take more time out of your day to get fixed because they were made poorly.

Too many confusing lens options

When it comes to transitions, anti-reflective and all of the different coatings that you can get, sometimes purchasing glasses online can make you spend more than you truly need to. If you come into the office, we can go over the best options for your type of glasses.

Return policies may give you a harder time

Some companies offer a return and some may not even let you return them at all. At our office we will work with you constantly to make sure that you are very happy with your purchase you made here. Our warranty covers pretty much everything, except the loss of your frame or lens!
Although purchasing glasses online can make you feel powerful and feel that you can conveniently sit on your couch while your kids play their video games and order your glasses in your slippers instead of packing up the kids in the car and walking into the office to look for frames and hear the options of your lenses, it is not the smartest decision. Many problems occur when buying them online and I hope that this information helps you rethink your decision next time for you or your children. I know with my four kids, I would never in a million years purchase glasses online, knowing it will be more of a hassle in the end to get them remade, adjusted, looked at, measured, etc…
-Jessica Webb (Receptionist)